Paul Fitzgerald was never good at drawing or painting, and he's a terrible singer. But he was always creative. It just took him a while to figure out how to channel his creativity.

His path to becoming a professional photographer had been many years coming. After graduating from highschool and university he spent years working in the corporate world of the tourism industry, attending countless sales and marketing meetings, chasing targets and analysing spreadsheets. Paul's corporate career gave birth to a frustrated creative that would stare out of the boardroom window dreaming of standing with a camera in his hand and capturing beautiful images. In his late 20's he made a life-changing decision to chase his dream and he left the corporate world. Paul made the transition back to full time student and studied photography. And here he is, working as a professional photographer and loving it!

Paul specialises predominately in his three photographic passions: fashion, food & product photography.

He’s shot for some of Australia’s most iconic retail brands including Country Road, Trenery and Cotton On. His fashion & product work has been used in advertising, point-of-sale promotions, catalogues and online ecommerce sites. Paul seamlessly works between shooting fashion, food & product, bringing his clean aesthetic and commercial style to all his work.

Paul's relaxed yet professional persona on set ensures he's in constant demand in both Melbourne and interstate.

T: 0401 179 123
L: Melbourne, Aust.

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